Work Smarter Not Harder

(and Double Your Revenue!)

A Coaching Program & Community showing you how to streamline your business strategy, systems, and workflows to increase income and impact!


This is perfect for all service providers, digital product creators and freelancers.




Have you hit a ceiling in your income and impact....

I see you. You with your amazing talent that needs to be shared with the world, but you are about to throw in the towel. You didn't start your business to run a business. Running a business requires business management but you don't even have enough time to manage your clients, let alone setup a marketing plan or do your business budget.


You are overwhelmed because you feel like you are throwing spaghetti at the wall, you feel like you aren't making progress towards your goals and you aren't making the income or impact that you dream of.  You feel disorganized and forgetful, You feel like a hamster in a wheel that never stops, You feel like the gas tank is almost on E.


You are hustling, working 17 hours a day and going to bed with your laptop only to wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat thinking you forgot to do something important. 

What will be your breaking point?

  • Tasks are slipping through the cracks
  • Everything lives in your head, the business totally relies on you and you cannot take time off 
  • All of your brain calories are consumed trying to remember tasks and follow up which drains your creative juices
  • You feel overworked and overwhelmed and just need a Roadmap.
  • You are so disorganized that it is disrupting your day to day activities and you can't get anything done.
  • You are moving your tasks to the next day ALL the time.
  • The thought of back end business management overwhelms you, but running a business requires it
  • You need to bring on help but the thought of delegating gives you a headache.
  • You just want to be the visionary CEO and not be stuck in the day to day. But you don't know how to get there.
  • You are to the point that you are thinking,... "IS IT EVEN WORTH IT???!!!"


Imagine if you had...

A simplified strategy.

A plan to know what to work on each day to reach your goals. 

Systems in place to keep you organized to get more done in less time. 

  • An Organized Digital Workspace

    Never waste hours finding files or images ever again.

  • An Organized Inbox Management System

    How to stop wasting time in your email inbox (and have less emails altogether!)

  • A Streamlined Customer Follow Up System

    The fortune is in the follow up. How to create a system that allows more impact and more income. 

  • A Simplified Task Management System

    Keep track of everything you have to do in ONE place not fifteen. Stop letting things fall through the cracks.

Oh Hey!

I'm Brittany

You may know me as "The Systems or Trello Girl" or maybe not! 


I am a podcaster, speaker, course creator, consultant and organization fanatic. Generally speaking, I help visionary entrepreneurs avoid burnout, make more money and shift from overwhelmed freelancer to in control CEO!


For the last 3 years in business I have been helping entrepreneurs organize their businesses and routines, 1 system at a time. I dive into Sales/Follow Up Systems (to make you more money!) and Client Onboarding Systems (to create raving clients) all the way down to the small stuff like inbox and calendar management.


I am on a mission to save hustlepreneurs from burnout. I want to create the ripple effect by helping entrepreneurs who help others do it more efficiently. 


You can build a successful business winging it, but you can't scale it that way.

Featured in

How to Overcome the Overwhelm

And finally get your business organized for growth (and your sanity!)


Working with me 1:1 in this same capacity would cost you upwards of $10,000. Get all of the same training, knowledge and templates for a fraction of that with group support!


See the Differences Below of hiring someone vs. diving into the Hustle to Flow Program:

Hiring Someone to Do It

  • You have no idea where to start
  • Interviewing and Finding Candidates is tricky & time consuming
  • Hiring a new team member can be overwhelming
  • You may not be ready for that big of a commitment yet
  • The cost is MUCH higher to hire a consultant to come in

Hustle to Flow Program

  • Allows you to get your feet wet with streamlining your strategy and learning systems
  • A smaller commitment if you are newer in business
  • Allows you to learn your business and what you need before you start delegating
  • MUCH lower price point to organize your business


Simple Strategies to Scale


For an Organized Business


Group Access to ME!


Business Planning help to be sure you are doing the right things. (and not #allthethings)


An Audit of your Business and Systems. Plus help creating a full plan for making improvements (Includes template!)


A Strategy and Plan for prioritizing tasks and projects to actually move your business forward.



Digital Workspace System

An Inbox Management System

An Organized Google Drive/Dropbox

A Streamlined Project Management System to use your time most productively.  (Templates included!)


A Workflow Chart of your business and how everything works together (Template included!)


Process Checklist to be able to create your processes to outsource and scale! (Templates included!)


And so much More!


Hustle to Flow Course Workbooks


Video Training for each phase and lesson


Hustle To Flow Tribe Community

(Click here to join our free community)


4 - Weekly Group Ask Me Anything Calls for an entire year (Also get access to recordings!)


1 - Monthly CEO Day Call (Let's get it done together!)


1 - Monthly Networking Happy Hour


Ability to make an ROI quickly - What is one additional deal worth to you? My system will save you at least 5 hours so you can follow up on more leads and close more deals.


Membership Portal to Connect with Other Members


Bonus Curated Resources


Monthly Guest expert Trainings


And more!



Get your questions answered by ME!

This IS For You If...

  • You run a business part or full-time

  • You run a service based business

  • You are great at what you do but the "business stuff" is holding you back

  • You want a step-by-step process to organize your business

  • You want templates and checklists that work

  • You have 30-60 minutes per day for 30-60 days

  • You want to make a bigger impact and income but can't because you "don't have enough time"

This IS NOT For You If...

  • You don't have 30-60 minutes to commit for at lease 30-60 days

  • You don't have the desire to scale your business 

  • You think your systems are just fine

  • You are not willing to put in the work after watching the training

  • You aren't willing to change your processes

  • You want quick success without work

  • You want someone to implement things for you. (I do this for people if you want to talk.)

What's Included & Investment Options:

  • Workbooks

    Detailed Follow Along Workbooks and Training

  • Video Trainings

    Behind the scenes video trainings with how to tutorials.

  • Recorded AMA Calls

    Recorded Ask Me Anything Calls. Can't make the live call, no worries. All calls will be recorded and added to the membership site. 

  • Membership Support

    Member Help Desk and Commenting section with answers to your questions from BCO team. 

  • Templates

    Templates and Done For You Checklists

  • Networking Portal, Happy Hour & Free Tribe Community

    Connect with other members and collaborate, learn about a new industry and more!

  • Curated Resources

    My favorite resources including Legal Templates, Done for Your Website templates, Complete Marketing calendar and more!

  • Mobile Access

    Access the Membership from anywhere. Membership Portal is very mobile friendly. 

Examples of what can be accomplished on our calls:


General business strategy decision support

Help to decide on your software toolbox based on your goals

Clarity around what to work on next

Project planning support & timeline mapping

Accountability support

Tech support and answers

Group networking and accountability


Start with a 7 Day Trial for $7 then pay


Program Payment Plan

$67/mo x 12

Affordable Payment Plan for one year access

  • Training, Worksheets & Template System
  • The ROAD to Scalability Method
  • The 3 P's of Productivity Method
  • 1 Monthly Planning Party Call
  • 2 Monthly Group Ask Me Anything Calls
  • Networking Portal & Community to Interact with Members
  • Priority Access to Past & Future Trainings
  • Priority Access to Upcoming Digital Events
  • Proven and Tested Curated Resources for Marketing, Legal, Website, hiring and more!

Pay In Full


Save $127 today on one year access to Hustle to Flow

  • Training, Worksheets & Template System
  • The ROAD to Scalability Method
  • The 3 P's of Productivity Method
  • 1 Monthly Planning Party Call
  • 2 Monthly Group Ask Me Anything Calls
  • Networking Portal & Community to Interact with Members
  • Priority Access to Past & Future Trainings
  • Priority Access to Upcoming Digital Events
  • Proven and Tested Curated Resources for Marketing, Legal, Website, hiring and more!
  • Bonus: 2 Months FREEEE!
  • Bonus: Ultimate Productivity for Profit Training Bundle


*You will be charged either the payment plan or the pay in full price after your trial of $7 for 7 days, if you do not cancel before your trial is over. Please see Hustle to Flow Terms & Conditions for more information

What Members Are Saying

I loved Brittany Dixon's Hustle to Flow CEO course! The membership was perfect for me at the stage of business that I'm currently in. I have a team of people supporting my business but they were all in many different systems and disorganized. Brittany's course helped me get my act together from start to finish, figuring out how to keep everything in 1 system (!!) and also how to delegate better so I can have more time for the things that really need ME in my business. One of the best ah-ha moments was organizing my email. Instead of opening up my email and feeling pulled in many different directions, I know the important stuff is in my inbox and the things that can wait are in folders. I also loved the system of organization using Asana and also how to map out your ideal day. I know this is something that I will come back to many times as my business grows!!

Jennifer McGurk, RDN, CDN, CEDRD-S

I first found Brittany on the NAPO Podcast and she was talking about task managers and Trello in particular.  


Then her Podcast:  wow!  So clear, so informative, so relatable as a mom-biz owner. Her podcast is an essential way for her to share her zone of genius with all of us who struggle with systems and structure!


Then I found out about the Hustle to Flow membership group. The ask-me-anything calls were critical in getting targeted input on my needs for my business.


Lastly, we had a 90-min "Accelerator session" that was OFF THE CHARTS!  I got myself prepared easily ahead of the call from being in the Hustle to Flow community and knew exactly what we needed to address. Best money I've spent all year as a small business owner.

Ryan Lanier, Home Organizer

After 20 years of work experience, I know the importance of a solid foundation and systems. I’m not new to hard work, but I am a new entrepreneur with big dreams and for the first time ever, making all the business decisions. I’ve followed Brittany & Co for roughly a year and appreciate the thoroughness, attention to detail, and expertise.


It’s clear to me, Britany & Co has tested “all things systems” and the Hustle to flow Membership is an organized and efficient approach for all things business including scalability. One of my favorite features is the workbook for each phase. After the trainings, it’s easy to plug and play with the recourses and customize what works best. This takes the guesswork out so I can focus on my clients.

Shannon Cowling, Life & Business Coach

Libby Villavicencio

Owner // Schooley Mitchell

Brittany Dixon has literally changed my life – for the better!

I needed some structure to my work – with everything – from setting and managing my goals and day-to-day tasks, to leveraging technology and apps to make me more efficient, to tracking my sales cycle and doing great follow through and messaging. Her Hustle-to-Flow program is the perfect solution to help me with all of these things. I found the pricing to be great, and the amount of resources, guidance and tools I’ve gotten out of it already goes way beyond the cost of the program.


I find the program very easy to follow and I’ve been implementing it step-by-step, as she has laid out succinctly and yet thoroughly, at my own pace, which I appreciate.


Brittany does regular online Q&A sessions for interaction with, and assistance directly from, her. I’m putting in place procedures, practices and apps that are helping me to be more efficient and effective and to work on my business instead of in my business all the time. I feel so much more organized, focused and much less stressed. I highly recommend you get in touch with Brittany today to start getting your business on track and in control.


Not sure if this is right for you?


If working smarter not harder is what you need, you're in the right place.


Try Out Hustle to Flow for $7 for 7 Days!


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